How Your Donations Transform Lives

Before 2020, we allocated 10% towards our operational costs; however due to rising operational costs and because we want to build funds to finance new projects, we have decided to increase our operations allocation to 15%.

That means that 85% of your donations make a direct impact by going to the hands of our students.

How Your Donations Transform Lives


We receive confidential information from our beneficiaries that we protect and uphold with outmost respect.

Corruption, extortion, or embezzlement are not tolerated in any form. We interact with all of our beneficiaries, collaborators and partners in the outmost fair, respectful and transparent manner.

Our staff does not hold any special interests in the work that we do.


Bosana Foundation, since its registration is run on voluntary basis because we were determined to allocate as much as possible to our programs.

While some might consider our “volunteer only status” as a weakness, we actually see it as our strength because we believe so much in what we do, we care so deeply to make a difference and wish to see this organization flourish into a self-sustaining nonprofit.

Therefore, we are not advocating for nonprofits to run on voluntary basis, but we are committed to do our work voluntarily until we raise enough funds to fairly compensate our future employees.

Additionally, we require receipts for even smallest of expenditures and our beneficiaries are upheld to same expectations. We are proud to share our financial reports with you so please let us know if you have any questions.

Our Annual Reports

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Your Generosity, Their Hope

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How Your Donations Help

Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.

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Transportation Card

$35 per month

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$120 per month

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$130 per year

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Books And School Material

$400 per year

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Professional Development Fund

$600 per year

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Full Scholarship

$3,500 per year