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Women Empowerment Project

We believe all young women have a potential and should be able to make decisions on how they want to live their lives, obtain education if they want to and marry only when they are ready.

A new approach to women-led advocacy

Giving Young Women The Right Tools

By supporting young women, investing in their small business ideas and amplifying the voices of young women, Bosana Foundation is creating a world where young women have the agency to address the barriers standing in the way of their dreams.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Project Pillars

Employable and Ready For Hire

Partnering With Local Organizations

Trainings like soft skills, resume development, job interviews, etc.

About the Project

We kicked off our pilot project to assist five awesome former Bosana students in finding their first job by giving them access to vocational training to boost their employability and self confidence so that they can achieve financial independence

Each participant had on average three one - on - one sessions with a life coach to figure out the main factors hindering their job search.

We also teamed up with them to enhance their Cover Letters and CVs, provided interview training, assessed their current skills, and helped plan their next steps.

We are supporting these young women whether it's starting their own business, earning a new diploma, or just needing a hand with job applications.

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Program Participants Are Making Strides Toward Securing Employment

Ildijana Hodžić

Project participant

Ildijana Hodžić

"When I finished my studies, I thought that I would still work in a store and that everything was in vain. I had the wind at my back that Bosana would accompany my training and help me to there, to finish what I started. I think that was my turning point for the success I'm enjoying now. So thanks to Bosana, I didn't lack anything to become what I am today.

Today I work as a clerk in the student service. Thank you Bosana for all the support and money you invested in my education and for the selfless support you still provide. I am honored to be part of the Bosana family.",
- said Ildijana.

Esmeralda Alijagić

Project participant

Esmeralda Alijagić

Esmeralda, a former Bosana scholarship recipient, achieved her dream with a two-month certified nurse certificate. Inspired by her time in a Tuzla orphanage, she's eager to offer care in elderly centers. Despite juggling a full-time job, Esmeralda is now pursuing an internship for hands-on experience.

"My dream came true thanks to the Bosana Foundation, which helped me financially and morally. Without your support and help, I could not have afforded my wish to come true. I am very happy that there are still good people who want to help the young generation succeed in life. One big thank you to all donors around the world and the Bosana Foundation.", - said Esmeralda.

Let’s Keep The Momentum

The success of this project is crucial in empowering future generations of girls, showcasing alternative opportunities and choices for their future endeavors.

Your Generosity, Their Hope

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How Your Donations Help

Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.

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