AfterSchool Tutoring For Orphans in BIH

Orphans face educational challenges, limiting their college opportunities.

In a country with a 46% unemployment rate, they need improved education, life skills, and vocational training for better employment prospects.

AfterSchool Tutoring For Orphans in BIH

Programs in Zenica, Tuzla, and Sarajevo

Over 80 children and 15 active volunteer scholarship holders in the program

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3 of our students, out of 4 volunteers, are actively engaged in activities in Mostar.

17 out of 50 kids are included in AfterSchool Program in Mostar.

7 of our students, out of 8 volunteers, are actively engaged in activities in Sarajevo.

More than 30 out of 57 kids are included in AfterSchool Program in Tuzla.

2 of our students are part of a team consisting of 7 volunteers actively engaged in activities in Zenica.

Around 40 out of 80 kids are included in AfterSchool Program in both Sarajevo and in Zenica.


Extracurricular Activities That Engage Kids in Fun, Educational Interactions

Developing Bosnia's future innovators, educators, policymakers, and workforce, and fostering lasting peace in the Balkans through a robust civil society.

Developing Hobbies and Interests

Participating in these experiences enhances children's academic and life skills like teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, crucial for their future success.

Access to Vocational Training

Equips kids with essential skills for the workforce, fostering economic growth and societal harmony in the Balkans.

Instructional Classes

Instructional classes complement extracurriculars, providing structured environments for the kids to explore interests and gain knowledge.

Highlights From 2023

Highlights 1

We launched a pilot After School Program in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, driven by the motivation and empowerment inspired by the program.

Highlights 2

In Sarajevo, since October, four new volunteers have officially joined, bringing the total number of volunteers to seven.

Highlights 3

The implementation of a instructional teaching database streamlines work monitoring for both home volunteers and employees.

Highlights 4

The recently appointed program assistant for Sarajevo and Mostar is Romana, a former scholarship recipient and alumnus of the Bosana Foundation .

Help Us Run the AfterSchool Program Next Year too

Our project gives children extracurricular activities that keep them busy and educate them through fun interactions.

Help Us Run the AfterSchool Program Next Year too

Project Coordinators & Assistants

Adi Salčinović

Adi Salčinović

Program coordinator Zenica

Former Bosana student
Bilal Kovačević

Bilal Kovačević

Program coordinator Sarajevo & Mostar

Bosana student
Romana Galin

Romana Galin

Program assistant Sarajevo & Mostar

Bosana student
Azra Tupkušić

Azra Tupkušić

Program coordinator Tuzla

Your Generosity, Their Hope

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Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.

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