Scholarship and Professional Development Program

By supporting marginalized students in their educational journeys, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter future

New Opportunity

Breaking Barriers

Our Scholarship Program breaks down educational barriers for underserved students, especially those with financial constraints.

With donor support, partnerships, and mentors, we empower talented students to overcome obstacles both financially and academically.


Our Impact

Education Changes Everything

We empower future leaders, innovators, and changemakers to create a positive impact on their communities and society in general.

4 students published one or more papers across various fields in 2022

2 students were awarded prestigious scholarships for Master's programs in the UK and Germany

Out of 8 graduate students, 4 were class valedictorians, 1 received a municipal award, and 1 was recognized by the dean, 2 secured full-time employment, and one internship

11 of our students participated in exchange programs in 2023


How Your Donations Help

Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.


Monthly Stipend

Books And School Material

Extracurricular Activities


Informal Education

Student Testimonials

How This Program Impacted Our Students

Ilma Šeper

Ilma Šeper

Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla 2021/22 Bosana's scholarship recipient

“All the studying, every diploma as an excellent student, going to competitions, my many years of volunteer work and dedication paid off. The Bosnian family is a true support in the realization of my childhood dreams - the fantasy of being a doctor.”

Belmin Dautović

Belmin Dautović

Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo 2021/22 Bosana's scholarship recipient

"Bosana is the best thing that can happen to a student! The everyday problems you face during your studies become easier with the support of the Bosana Foundation. Perhaps our greatest strength comes from togetherness, friendship, and helping each other."

Riana Jaha

Riana Jaha

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo 2018/19 Bosana's scholarship recipient

"Bosana provided me with motivation to always work on myself while also supporting me in all my activities during my studies. From conferences and congresses to various personal opportunities for volunteering and humanitarian actions in which Bosnian students participate."

Danijela Vejzović

Danijela Vejzović

Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla, 2021/22 Bosnana's scholarship recipient

"With Bosana, the desire for progress awakened in me, thanks to which I took part in many activities working on personal development as well as contributing to society through volunteering and participating in workshops for young people."

Vildana Hodžić

Vildana Hodžić

Faculty of Medicine, University of Zenica, 2019/20 Bosana's scholarship recipient

"For a medical student, the Fund for books and accessories offered by this scholarship is very important, a lot of literature that is very expensive, and yet you don't have to give your entire scholarship for it, Bosana will make sure to provide that too!"

Scholarship and Professional Development Program Activities We are Proud of




Pairing Youth Empowering Coexistence


Youth Social Entrepreneurship

What is included

Professional Development Program


Access to mentors, educations, trainings, and other relevant resources.


Help with finding employment, a volunteering organization or a part-time job.

Financial resources

Financial resources for professional development - up to 500 BAM per year.


Support in cause of financial difficulties.


Our mentors offer encouragement and support to our students through regular conversations, meet ups or simply being their friend when they need one.


Involvement in projects wth other foundations.


Access to Bosana’s resources in the form of networking.


Providing professional recommendations as well as support for ideas and projects.

Since the inception of this program, we've assisted a total of 11 students.

The most recent additions to our initiative are Aida and Elvir.

Aida Hambo

Young professionals

Aida Hambo

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sarajevo 2023/24 Bosana's scholarship recipient

Aida's passion for dentistry began in secondary school, where she graduated with a remarkable 5.00 average, earning a special award from the Ministry of Education of Sarajevo Canton.

She gained practical experience through internships and emphasizes the responsibility of her profession, committed to achieving excellence.

Elvir Agić

Young professionals

Elvir Agić

Faculty of Computer Science, University of Mostar 2023/24 Bosana's scholarship recipient

Elvir studies Information Technologies at the University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar. His passion lies in programming.

As high achiever, he earned a Ministry of Education and Science diploma during high school and secured a Zira scholarship in 2023, connecting him with a leading IT company.

Beyond tech, Elvir engages in various training, education, and debates. In his free time, he enjoys football, reading, and socializing with friends, cherishing life as a valuable gift.

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How Your Donations Help

Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.

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Transportation Card

$35 per month

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$120 per month

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$130 per year

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Books And School Material

$400 per year

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Professional Development Fund

$600 per year

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Full Scholarship

$3,500 per year