Bosana Students For Humanity

Our students have decided to put aside from their monthly scholarship an amount that they donate to the "Bosana Students for Humanity" Project. Over the past six years, they have raised 19,740 BAM (approximately 10,000Euros) too lend a helping hand to those in need.

Tailored Specifically For Bosana Students

During our annual gathering in the town of Jajce in 2015, something truly special happened.

Touched by the meaningful efforts of Bosana Foundation and its supporters in helping students, our students felt a strong desire to contribute to their community. During the gathering, they made a heartfelt decision to donate 2 BAM from their monthly stipend throughout the year.

Even after all these years, the project is still thriving, and our students take immense pride in the positive impact they've been able to make with such a modest investment. It's a wonderful example of how spreading kindness can lead to even more goodness.

Here are some of the initiatives that students supported in 2023

Miloš Delević

Miloš Delević

Support was provided to Miloš Delević, a former Bosana student, for his professional development.

Pelka’s initiative

Pelka’s initiative

Pelka, a former student, provided support to a family by purchasing school supplies for their children and paying their electric bill.

Sandra’s initiative

Sandra’s intiative

Sandra, our current student, supported a grandmother and her two grandchildren, covering medication costs and providing books, clothes, and shoes for one of them.

Armin’s initiative

Armin’s initiative

Armin, our PhD student, provided support in implementing one-time aid for a family in Tuzla.

Sunčica’s intiative

Sunčica’s intiative

Our former student, Sunčica, helped to implement action that enabled a young girl to attend a vocational training course.

"When I was seeking support for professional development, a surprising opportunity emerged: the Bosana Foundation's scholarship program, part of their Students for Humanity initiative, covered the costs of my maderotherapy education. This training not only equipped me with new skills and knowledge but also enhanced my CV, ultimately aiding me in securing a job. I'm sincerely thankful for the chance they provided. I actively follow and endorse their efforts in enabling young individuals to access opportunities that might otherwise be beyond their reach." - said a young girl.

What our students say about the project

Read snippets from both past and present students to understand why they rally behind this cause.

Pelka’s initiative
Former Bosana student

Ahmedina Smajlović

PhD Candidate

"I believe that time is the most valuable resource we can give to someone. By teaching others, we also learn ourselves."

Pelka’s initiative
Former Bosana student

Amar Toplić

Youth Welfare Specialist
Bosana Alumnus 2016/17

“Through Students for Humanity, young people and their families, who have found themselves in a state of social need, can receive one-time help. Thus, they do not have to worry about financial difficulties for a certain period of time, and can focus on improving their situation. Events such as illness or accidents are sudden events that leave visible traces in the biographies of young people.

With the program, we want to support young people to resist the experiences they have survived with their own strength and not to lose hope in good people and a better tomorrow. Students for Humanity Bosnia teaches scholarship holders solidarity and social engagement and builds a sense of community.”

Andrijana Janković

Andrijana Janković

Student of Medicine
University of East Sarajevo
2021/22 scholarship recipient

"I have been volunteering for years and I enjoy it because I feel that I am helping the community and building myself at the same time. The Bosana Foundation showed me that others also appreciate my work and volunteering, and it was through their scholarship that it proved that volunteering is worthwhile and that your efforts are always noticed. In Bosnia, I found friends and support for life."

Riana Jaha

Riana Jaha

Student of Pharmacy
University of Sarajevo
2018/19 scholarship recipient

"With Bosana, the desire for progress awakened in me, thanks to which I took part in many activities working on personal development as well as contributing to society through volunteering and participating in workshops for young people."

Pelka’s initiative

Mila Pandža

Student of Medicine
University of Mostar
2021/22 scholarship recipient

“Through volunteer work, I got to know a better version of myself, and I felt useful and fulfilled. What I will always carry with me from Bosnia is that inspiration, will, and commitment for each member.”

Your Generosity, Their Hope

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