• Thank you so much for your interest to volunteer with the Bosana Foundation. Our needs are many so we heavily depend on individuals like yourself who are willing to spare their time, energy and sometimes resources to help us achieve greater results. We truly would not be where we are without the help of our volunteers over the years.

    Some of
    our volunteer opportunities in the past

    • Graphic design
    • Editing
    • Event volunteers
    • Legal and financial advisors

    Please fill out our volunteer application

    so we can best match your skills with our needs.

    Here are some of our distinguished volunteers
    Thank you for continuous support!
    Dzena & Sofia
    Hana & Nadja
  • Reaching our envisioned goals cannot be done on our own. One of the ways you can get involved with our foundation and provide considerable support is to become our Private Fundraiser by hosting an event through your school, community or through private events to help us raise awareness and financial support.

    Over the past few years, we have received so many unique, modest and also very elaborate ideas from our supporters wanting to get involved in their local communities. If you would like to know more how you can host your fundraiser, please read our guidelines and don’t forget your tracking form to make sure we properly recognize all those involved. 

    Charity Birthday or a Wedding

    Instead of gifts ask your friends to donate to Bosana

    Sell Valuable Items

    Sell items on websites or auctions and donate proceeds to Bosana

    School for Charity

    Get involved through your school and raise funds for Bosana

    Sports Events

    Run a marathon or organize a sporting event in support of Bosana

    Here are some of the events hosted on behalf of Bosana Foundation

    Tea Sisic in Florida hosted a private gathering in her house to spread awareness and raise funds for Bosana
    Sladjana Saldic in her home hosted a BIH soccer party and helped raise funds for Bosana.

    Vedrana Kalas, a singer, started her own fundraising page and humanitarian concert to help raise funds for underprivilaged children in BIH.
    Sejla Holland in Laguna Beach hosted an art exhibit to celebrate artists from BIH and giving percentage of the proceeds to the Bosana Foundation.

    Sehida (16) in Denmark got her whole high school and parents involved to raise funds for Bosana.
    Portsmouth captain Johnny Ertl and his girlfriend Selma Adzem sold Johnny’s match shoes on Ebay to help raise awareness and funds.

    Selma Cosic together with a group of her friends in Richmond,VA ran a marathon to raise $3,600 for Bosana Foundation.
    Inaar (18) with few of her friends collected funds and promoted the work of the Bosana Foundation on the streets of Vienna.

  • As part of our Scholarship and Professional Development Program, we seek mentors to provide additional assistance to our students. We match the mentors with mentees based on their professions, interests, background and their availability compared to student’s needs. Thus far, the program has been very successful and we have noticed considerable improvement in our students. They feel encouraged, supported and in many instances they have developed sincere friendships.

    Bosana staff closely monitors the initial month of interactions to make sure that it is mutually respected, fair and valued. We also set clear goals and expectations with both our mentors and mentees. In return, mentors responsibility is to submit quarterly progress reports on their mentees and share with us any concerns. If you would like to find out more information about becoming a Bosana Mentor, please read our Mentorship Guideline or contact us for more information. To apply to become a mentor, please fill out the application

    Here are some of our former and current mentors

    Tea Besic
    – Florida
    Gregor Levy
    – New York
    Amra Dumisic
    – New York
    – Nidzara Pecenkovic
    – Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jasminka Stegic
    – Los Angeles
    Jasenka Stegic
    – Los Angeles
    Adna Pekmezovic
    – New York
    Sanela Ovnovic
    – Chicago
    Ismar Volic
    – Natick, Massachusetts
    Irnela Bajrovic
    – Austin, Texas
    Ines Ramadanovic
    – Los Angeles
    Almir Dugonjic
    – Hayward, California
    Elvisa Kovacevic
    – Atlanta
    Selma Kurtanovic
    – Mostar
    Admir Mazalovic
    – Tuzla

There are many ways to change someone’s life. Even if you have only five minutes of your time or maybe an old computer or simply a lot of good will.


Lend us your time and skills so together we can achieve even greater possibilities to help those in need. 

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You can organize and help us raise additional funds through your school, community or hosting a private event. 

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