• Board Members

    Sejla Holland,  Fundraising and Development outreach

    Sejla Holland brings to the Bosana Foundation commitment that grew from her memories as a child growing up in the beautiful city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Walking the silk stones of the historic Stari Most bridge in Mostar with her childhood friends, and then watching those same friends and families torn, like her country, by needless and devastating anguish has only increased her love for humanity. Her experiences have allowed her to move from despair, to hope, to action for all children mercilessly touched by the war. Being a refugee has shaped her values and beliefs, as well as her gratitude for a new life in America. Sejla lends experience from her successful business career to Bosana Foundation by helping to secure substantial pledges and continuous support for the children Bosana Foundation helps.

    Zlata Gleason,  Grant management and Program development

    Zlata Gleason brings to the Bosana Foundation commitment to raise the Foundation's brand awareness abroad and to help raise funds that support our students and the scholarship programs. Originally from Sarajevo, Zlata has been living in the United States since 1999 when she arrived to Boston to attend Wellesley College. Zlata currently resides in Westchester County, New York with her husband and two children. Zlata regularly visits Bosnia-Herzegovina and is intent on giving back to the youth in Bosnia, primarily by supporting education, which she believes is instrumental in transforming one's dreams, and creating options for a better future. Zlata was lucky enough to receive scholarship to attend Wellesley College, the experience which absolutely transformed her life and enabled her to have personal and professional opportunities she would have not otherwise had. She hopes to make similar impact to Bosana students by helping them financially but also through mentoring them and working with them on their personal and professional development. Zlata spent almost a decade working at Morgan Stanley in London and New York and currently heads up client advisory group at Indus Capital Partners, an alternative asset management firm in New York City. She hopes to apply her fundraising and consultative skills to the Foundation, and is very proud to serve on its Board.

    Damir Koro,  Finances

    Damir has been one of most recent Bosana board additions. He was born in Sarajevo and moved
    to United States in 1994. He currently lives in Orange County area near Los Angeles with his
    family. Damir holds MBA and Masters degrees in Engineering from University of Washington in
    Seattle. He has been working in engineering and business technology management roles for over
    2 decades. His most recent roles were in in banking and telecommunication industries. He brings
    business management, marketing and finance experience with hopes to grow Bosana programs
    and help as many students in Bosnia achieve their dreams of attaining higher education,
    improving their personal lives and helping prosperity in Bosnia.

    Tea Sisic,  Legal Advisor

    Tea joined our Board in January 2023. She currently serves as a Deputy General Counsel at Momentive.ai (maker of SurveyMonkey) where she leads the global employment function. Tea brings extensive prior non-profit board leadership experience and over a decade of legal experience, having started as a young lawyer with the federal judicial branch, then transitioning to private practice which ultimately led her to the San Francisco Bay Area and the in-house legal career in technology.

    Tea has a strong passion for the transcendent power of human connection and our common humanity, which are fully embodied in Bosana’s mission. Originally from Bosanska Krupa, she immigrated to the United States at the age of 15 and has been a beneficiary of the unwavering support and kindness of her family, friends, teachers, and mentors throughout her educational and professional journey. She has been involved with the Bosana Foundation as a mentor, advocate, volunteer, and donor for over a decade and hopes to continue to make an impact on the organization’s success and the students it serves as Bosana’s newest Board member.