• Advisory Committee

    Role of Bosana Foundation Advisory Committee

    An advisory committee is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors in order to more effectively guide Bosana Foundation.The advisory committee does not have formal authority to govern the foundation, that is, the advisory committee cannot issue directives or alter the mission/vision or charter of Bosana Foundation. The advisory committee plays an important public relations role as well as providing a fresh perspective on programmatic issues.

    The advisory committee may evaluate the performance of a program or activity, review/monitor/assess a specific program, serve as an advocate for Bosana Foundation to the community, gather input from/serve as a liaison between Bosana students and donors, provide feedback to the organization from the community, provide technical and professional expertise, provide an independent/unbiased sounding board, and assist in determining important activities.

    Other possible responsibilities of an advisory committee include determining mission andpurpose of a program, articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served by a program, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening of programs and services, ensuring adequate financial resources, and enhancing the Bosana Foundation public standing.


    Public Relations. An advisory committee which includes influential community leaders can be effective at spreading the word and strengthening awareness about Bosana Foundation programs.

    Fundraising Events. Plan all aspects of regional fundraising events including the event theme/program, entertainment, silent auction, catering, guest speakers, budget etc.

    Mentorship Program: Manage the program including identifying qualified mentors; matching students with mentors based on the education/professional path skill sets; prepare student for job search, guide/define volunteering and internship programs

    Subcommittees. The advisory committee may develop subcommittees which have assigned tasks in specific areas. For example, a public awareness subcommittee composed of four members may be responsible for making recommendations about public awareness strategies and resources. Subcommittees may be short-lived according to a specific assignment or ongoing.

    Volunteers. The advisory committee will manage activities of volunteers, including assignment of responsibilities, schedules as well as ensure the proper recognition of services provided by volunteers.

    Other Tasks. Advisory committees can be created to address a specific organizational need as directed by Bosana Board.

    The scope of responsibilities of advisory committee can be regional or global.

    Maja Karabeg , Alma Hoffman , Ines Ramadanovic , Indira Ibrahimbegovic Dedic , Inga Duranovic , Jasenka Stegic , Jasminka Stegic , Julija Zubac , Sanela Gusic , Nidzara Pecenkovic , Sejla Holland , Sladana Saldic ,

    We are always looking to expand our Advisory Committee to other regions and countries, so if you would like to form BOSANA Advisory Committee in your city, please let us know.