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What Is My Student Life Like?

January 8th, 2024

My student life is filled with different activities that enriches me and allow me to contribute to the community in different ways. In addition to all academic obligations, volunteering in various organizations, actively promoting traffic safety and working with children are key aspects of my student experience and my professional development. I get the opportunity for professional development through the positions that I hold, the ones I would like to highlight are: Co-founder of the Association for the Promotion of Traffic Safety "Every Life Counts" - Cazin, President of the Student Association of the Faculty of Traffic and Communications "Feniks", in addition to this position at the faculty, I perform his duties as a member of the Commission for imposing disciplinary measures, a member of the Faculty Council and a representative of the students of the first cycle of studies. Finally, I would like to highlight all the training and networking opportunities offered by the Bosana Foundation.

Volunteering is one of the most important parts of my life. I joined various organizations dealing with humanitarian work, environmental protection and community support. Through volunteering, I had the opportunity to help those who need help the most. Whether I am working in shelters for migrants through various programs (multi-year projects with IOM, plays and workshops for migrant children), organizing humanitarian events (cookies, concerts, participating in building a house for a friend from high school...) or supporting local to the community in the City of Cazin through the organization of various events that are visited by a huge number of people. Volunteering allowed me to gain invaluable experience and develop empathy for others, to be a team player but also a leader when needed, and to expand my view on life and all life situations that befall me.

In addition to volunteering, my love and passion for traffic and everything that this area offers led me to found, together with my teacher from high school, the first and for now the only Association for the Promotion of Traffic Safety in our area, which is actively engaged in promoting traffic safety. through short films that count several thousand views on social networks (Some videos exceed the number of 300 thousand views), making presentations with children in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, but also at the Faculties of the University of Sarajevo. I am aware of how important it is to raise awareness about the rules and responsible behavior in traffic, and for a longer-term solution it is extremely important to work with small children. Precisely because of this, I designed the game "Don't get angry, man" for our youngest, which is adapted to traffic rules, and in this way, through play and fun, children learn about basic rules, signs and how to safely get "from home to school". Through campaigns, educational workshops and public events, I try to raise awareness of the importance of obeying traffic regulations and reducing the number of traffic accidents, especially fatal ones, so that tomorrow we or someone of ours does not become part of the black statistics, another number in a row. Life is not numbers, because every life is important :)

Through all these activities, I hope that in the future I can contribute to creating a safer environment for all road users.

Also, I would like to state that working with children is another important aspect of my volunteer life. Through volunteering in schools, kindergartens and various organizations dealing with children, I had the opportunity to support and inspire young minds. Working with children brings me joy and satisfaction, because I have the opportunity to be a role model and help them in their development. Through fun, play and learning, I try to support and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Volunteering is an act that comes from the heart, we are driven by empathy and the desire to help others. When we get involved in volunteer activities, we open the door not only for changes in the community, but also for the transformation of our own lives. Every moment spent volunteering brings a feeling of fulfillment and happiness because we know that we have given someone support, a smile or hope, because we can never know how much our little means to someone and what impact it can have on that person.

All my previous activities, projects, workshops and seminars allowed me to feel fulfilled and to understand how important it is to be active and contribute to positive changes in society.

Volunteering connects us with other people, creating bonds that transcend borders and differences. In those moments, we realize how connected we all are and how much we can achieve when we work together. Every little thing we do can have a big impact on the lives of others, while at the same time filling us with a deep sense of gratitude and happiness. Let volunteering be our daily inspiration, a reminder that the world can be a better place if each of us contributes. No matter how little or how much we can give, every act of kindness and solidarity has the power to start a chain of positive change.

When you sincerely love something and do it wholeheartedly, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. The only obstacle on the way to achieving your goal can be yourself.

Your Generosity, Their Hope

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