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THE SYMBOLIC DONATION FROM ANELA AND DENIS ON 11th February-International day of Women and Girls IN SCIENCE!

March 5th, 2022

On February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Bosnian students celebrate the most beautiful way possible, by donating, just as you donate and invest in their education.

Our former scholarship recipients, MA of genetics from Bihać and Goražde, Anela Zorlak and Denis Smajić decided to pay 50 KM each for two students who contributed to science and society last year with their hard work, commitment and activities. 4 students were elected based on their hard work and the activities.

Students are: Sunčica Djukanović, Sumeja Hadžialić, Sandra Džemaili and Jovana Jotanović. These are the most active students and students with the highest score of grades. They have expressed their immense gratitude to Denis and Anela, and we also thank a  lot for not forgetting BOSANA and for giving such a wonderful example to other students. Thank you very much, Anela and Denise.

Here you can read the statements from each student and warm appreciation for being part of the BOSANA FAMILY!

“I am happy because I am slowly coming to the stage when I can spread the spirit of Bosnia in this way as well. There is no greater wealth and my satisfaction, especially if this small act will contribute to motivating students and not giving up their work. Since I was elected this year as one of the ambassadors of the UN campaign - Women in Science, on the occasion of International Women's Day, I wanted to continue the good story and motivate students to continue working, working, and investing in education and science. attention, I wanted to encourage the two most valuable students of the BosanaFoundation, to be aware that their efforts are worthwhile and that there are people who follow and care about continuing to develop professionally and tomorrow be successful women in science, their profession, entrepreneurs and they make a trail behind themselves - good examples. Let this symbolic act be a motivation for the students, but alumni of the Bosana students, to continue to spread the spirit of Bosnia - because education is the strongest weapon!”- Anela Zorlak

"Investing in science and in people who will be doing science or are already doing it is investing in the future. Just as the Bosana Foundation is investing, I believe that it is the obligation of us former students who have succeeded in our intentions to invest in the future. prosperous, hard-working, and diligent students who colloquially care for each other is something that is a key feature of the Bosnian Foundation. First of all, thank my colleague Anela Zorlak who started with this gesture and for which I decided to do the same. I hope this will be just the beginning of even stronger and better support because we have received it in many ways from the Bosana Foundation. Education changes everything!" -Denis Smajić

"This action means a lot to me because it proves to me that work and effort pay off. The very thought of someone recognizing what I do is extremely motivating and encouraging. I am very grateful to Denis for deciding, in this symbolic way, to support me." because it further restores my faith that education is the key to many undiscovered opportunities. I am also grateful to Bosana for choosing, among all other support, that I deserve this one." - Jovana Jotanović

“It is a great honor to receive such recognition! I hope that we will all contribute to our field of work and follow the example of Anela and Denis, and be a support to all new generations to come and want to strengthen and create new opportunities for a better society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This recognition is a confirmation of how sincere and persistent commitment to qualitative education is the key to changes. I am immensely proud and grateful and very encouraged for everything that is yet to come! "Education changes everything!”- Sunčica Đukanović

“Many thanks to dear Anela for this recognition! It is always nice when someone notices the effort and I am especially glad that this kind of recognition comes from such a successful and inspiring person. This is another incentive to strengthen the position of women in science. I would also like to thank the Bosana Foundation and the strong women, Senita, Ajlani, and Lejla, who are the pillars and the main ones responsible for its existence.”- Sumeja Hadzialic

“Thank you, dear successful people, for the fact that I am in a circle with you who with your effort, work, commitment did everything for your better tomorrow, makes me happy and inspires me to continue to new victories. You are role models for our future generations that every effort pays off and that as a family circle you are always there for every individual when it is most needed. Thank you Ajlana, Senita, for being part of such a wonderful family, thank you colleague Denis in a symbolic way of attention.”- Sandra Džemaili

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