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The more you give, the more you get! Saima's inspiring story

December 1st, 2019

When I look behind, the most common questions running through my mind were "why and how?" Short yet so difficult. Especially when you need to make big life decisions such as choosing your profession.

My story begins way back in past when I was a child. When I was seven my mum took me to the nonprofit organization that helps persons with disabilities. Maybe I was too young to understand back then, but I felt it. I felt useful and that made me happy. I believed that we're all the same, just happy humans with big hearts playing together.

Few years after I needed to choose a high school. I have chosen a Medical high school. It was a hard decision because all of my friends have chosen different schools. I was surrounded by new and different people. And I think to myself, how brave and determined one needs to be to leave everything just to follow the heart.

When I started my university studies, I was in a new place and with new people again at one of the most difficult faculties. It is difficult because Medicine requires you to always be alerted and ready for various situations. You also need to be a role model and be healthy psychically and physically.

Through my studies, I continued with my volunteer activities. I believe that all of us have a purpose in this life. I am lucky that I have found mine. It's about helping others, making changes in society and making the world a happier place. Sometimes it seems impossible and looks like imagination, but it is the truth. If everyone would just start with themselves we could make great changes.

Now, I am at last year of studies and next year I will be a doctor. A doctor who enjoys spending free time volunteering at the clinic, at the department for persons with disabilities, working with students and with people involved in public health sections. Sometimes it is too much, but I couldn't imagine my life differently.

I still think that I need more hours at the clinic. They have taught me to see pure happiness in the little things. And the time I am spending in public sections gave me a chance to talk to people, see where are the biggest problems, so we could work together to prevent them. And the last but not less important are students. To raise a healthy generation we need to educate them while they are young.

Our purpose is to share life and work knowledge with those who need it. In the same way that we needed it early on. I think there is enough time for everything, we just need to organize our priorities and think out of the box.

So remember more you give, the more you will get. And that s the only truth. If you want changes, first you need to change yourself. I have started, but I am just at the beginning, what about you?

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