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Meet Edin Šerifović

April 15th, 2024

In the journey towards higher education, pivotal moments often shape our paths, and for many, meeting Senita Slipac, the founder of the Bosana Foundation, was precisely that.

"The Bosana Foundation is instrumental in advancing our country's educational system. Specifically, the foundation extends a helping hand to individuals like myself, who lack financial security, broadening horizons and unlocking potential." shared Šerifović.

Having experienced firsthand how thin the line between good and evil can be for children in orphanages, particularly during the transition to adulthood when they leave the system and essentially fend for themselves, Šerifović understands the importance of providing more opportunities for these children.

"We are impressionable, inexperienced, vulnerable, and unprepared for independent living. That's why I visit the orphanage today. I want to give these children a glimpse into the outside world, to forge friendships untainted by prejudice, to equip them with skills because the day they have to leave the orphanage will come for each of them," he emphasized.

A sense of belonging and a nurturing environment contribute to the development of kids confidence, which is crucial for personal growth and success in life, Edin believes, urging everyone to contribute to this initiative and enhance the lives of children living in orphanages.

In Edin's heartwarming story we witness the transformative power of education and compassion, illustrating how a single encounter can ignite a journey of empowerment and change.

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