Student Stories

It is important to never give up!

March 28th, 2020

By Dzelila Dizdarevic


After every rain comes the sunshine. It is the same with happiness. The luck knocked on my door on the day when I was informed that I had become a BOSANA scholarship recipient. That year I finished the first year of studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zenica. It was difficult. I lived with my father and my three sisters. Many times I was thinking about giving up but my hope kept me going on. 

During the summer break, while scrolling on the internet I saw a BOSANA scholarship application. I've applied without much thinking and after one month I was invited to an interview. That same day, BOSANA staff invited me to participate in their social project. I had the opportunity to get to know other BOSANA students as well. From that moment my development and learning started.

I did not have much support from my friends and others before BOSANA. Everybody was sceptical about my path but now I am very happy where I am. I am a successful third-year student and an active volunteer at the LOTOS association in Zenica, where I work with children in need. And you know what? The best feeling is when you put a smile on children's faces and when you know you're the reason for someone's happiness. 

I am so thankful to the Bosana Foundation, thank you Ajlana and Senita for giving me the opportunity to move forward and be a better version of myself. As I wrote before, the best feeling is to be a reason for someone's happiness. Bosana is the reason for my happiness.

From Zenica with love.

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