Student Stories

How AI affects our future

July 1st, 2024

Currently one of the most popular topics in the world is Artificial Intelligence – AI. It is used in every aspect of our lives, and it doesn’t stop improving and enhancing. That’s the reason why people are afraid of AI and its impact on our future.

So, what is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a technology that enables computers to simulate human intelligence, problem-solving, decision-making, and other things humans can do. This is done by giving the computer tons of data to process and learn from it. Because of its speed and huge amount of information, AI found its place in many fields.

AI has made a huge impact in healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy, predicting disease, and giving proper treatment plans. AI is constantly learning, and it can give better predictions and solutions for new patients based on earlier cases. A situation where AI changed modern medicine is when one man, after 12 years of paralysis finally walked. It was all done using a device powered by Machine Learning which is a pivotal component of AI.

Another big field where AI does a great job is education. AI allows people to find and start learning anything they want in just a few seconds. Also, AI offers personalized learning experiences, adaptive learning platforms, and intelligent tutoring systems. It helps educators identify student’s strengths and weaknesses, adapting educational content to individual needs for better learning efficiency.

Banks, insurers, and financial institutions leverage AI for a range of applications like detecting fraud, conducting audits, and evaluating customers for loans. Traders have also used AI’s ability to assess millions of data points at once, so they can make smart investing decisions. These are just some of the fields affected by AI. Everything about this technology sounds nice and it seems beneficial and good technology but why are people concerned about it?

On one hand, AI can lead to significant advancements and efficiencies across various fields. On the other hand, there are concerns regarding job displacement, privacy, and ethical considerations. AI can potentially displace workers in some industries due to its automation capabilities, high precision, and speed. Also, it creates new job positions in the IT world, but people need a lot of education to work in this area so it’s hard to be on track with this technology. AI relies on large sets of information raising concerns about data privacy. People must be very careful what information they give to AI because it can be potentially used in the wrong way.

AI is on very good way to profoundly shape our future offering great solutions and improving the quality of our lives. Instead of fearing AI and its capabilities, we should learn about it and try to understand it.

We can live without AI, but AI can’t live without us. We just have to use it for good purposes and there is no place for fear.

Elvir Agić,

a student at the Faculty of Information Technology at the University ‘Džemal Bijedić’ in Mostar

and a scholarship recipient of the Bosana Foundation 2023/2024

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