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Emir's insights about Bosana

December 31st, 2020

My name is Emir Šabić. I was born in Bihać, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. I live in Ključ, where I also went to elementary and high school. Currently, I am enrolled in my 3rd year of the Faculty of Medicine. My interest in this call goes way back to high school. I always wanted to help people in need and I think it is the noblest human act.

Through my growing up, education, thinking about a college, leaving my town, and beginning the new part of my life, there was always a little bit of fear of how will I do this with my weak financial status. I applied to many scholarships during my high school education and even with many accomplishments ( “Best Student of the Generation” – in both – elementary school and high school, many awards I have won in many subjects such as Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Bosnian language, etc.) and poor financial situation- I always got rejected. Therefore, I got worried if I was ever going to succeed.

With my friend’s feedback and recommendation for the Bosana Foundation, I decided to go for it. I applied and sent all the necessary documentation. After a certain amount of time, I got a call for an interview. It went in the best way possible and later, they told me that I got accepted into the big Bosana family.

Their help and kindness through all of these years of my studies are immeasurable and there aren’t appropriate words to describe their importance in both – financial and moral way, because one such study as medicine requires lots of expense which I couldn’t do myself, and their communication and relations to every single student individually give us hope and teach us what kind of people we should become. Their help is of big importance especially in this pandemic, where the situation is even more difficult both in the world and BiH, which was reflected in our families. To even think that someone on the other side of the planet thinks about you gives you extra motivation and obligation.

Right now, I am trying my best to help people and much of my time I am using to be a volunteer in the Red Cross “Ključ” where I help socially disadvantaged families and people in need. I hope that, with the help of Bosana Foundation, I will achieve my dreams and that one day, I will be a useful member of society and justify the trust which is given to me.

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