Student Stories

A small country full of great people

March 1st, 2021

I believe that it is crucial to be a human first. A human not ashamed of his words or his deeds. When we board life at the platform of humanity and goodness, the train does not stop at many stations. That's why we have to live fully, so when we arrive at the final destination we can freely say that we enjoyed that journey.

None of us has an easy road ahead of us. None of us is fully prepared to face the present and the future. Favorites of life are rare. But it is up to us to alleviate every difficulty, every pain, listen, support, and make this life easier as best as we know and can. Only those who are on their way to becoming fighters against cruelty in this world, soldiers in white uniforms who elicit smiles and infuse hope, those who are ready to spend life doing the most beautiful and humane jobs will understand what I am saying.

While studying to become a doctor of medicine, in addition to prescribing medicine and making a diagnosis, I've also learned the importance of giving to others and showing gratitude. I am grateful to many and I believe many are grateful to me as well. I am grateful to God, to good people, and to the country in which I live. To God because he is with me, to people because they have taught me how to help and how to feel other's pain, and to my country, because it has given me a secure present and future.

While studying at one of the best universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I realized that I was born at the right time and in the right place. Even though I spent numerous nights awake studying, thinking that it was too much for me, that I can't take it anymore, I have always found a way to succeed and move on. Despite all the hardships and sleepless nights, when I go to the hospital and help a sick child, when I comfort a crying mother, when I see the relief and happiness on their faces I instantly feel a part of that same happiness.

Bosnia and Herzegovina have produced great people and experts, both in medicine and other sciences. Experts that are widely recognized teach our students at Bosnian faculties. The faculties are exceptionally equipped, and trends in science and profession are followed. I realized that the student is always in the first place, that everything is at his fingertips and that there are many extracurricular activities besides the study program. I am pleased that the Faculty of Medicine in Foča supports every aspect of the student's life, scientific exploration, research, and professional life, which is of great importance and significance and represents a step forward in the future. Bosnia has fantastic cities perfect for student life, and schooling alone is much cheaper than in neighboring countries.

The current situation has shown us how developed health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina is. Medical workers are on the front lines in the fight against the invisible enemy, and they are still holding on bravely and not giving up the fight. The whole society is disrupted. Difficult days are behind us, but harder ones might be coming. We don't know. It is up to us to stay dedicated and professional in our work while helping those in need.

Corona virus has forced us to keep our distance and wear masks, but you will agree with me that we have never been closer, and all masks have fallen. I am proud that as a nation we are not ashamed, but we are together even in the most difficult times. We have proved once again, and we are still proving, that we are a small country inhabited by great people.

Milica Djokanovic, Srebrenica

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