What We Do

Education Changes Everything

We empower talented and driven youth who lack financial means to obtain higher education and better opportunities in life. Our programs help our students move them from poverty to self-sufficiency that fosters stable societies.

Creating Awareness

We strive for each of our students to enhance and develop their awareness of self-worth, their abilities and the significance of education and professional development.

Advocating For Behavior Change

We want to promote our students' engagement in decision-making, applying knowledge acquired and seizing opportunities for lasting change.

Enabling Action

We offer financial support and encouragement to our students to move them into action to take most advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

Securing Stability

We strive for each of our students to have access to career development and job placement opportunities and they all start with their mandatory volunteer hours while our students.

Only Together We Can Make a Real Impact

At Bosana Foundation, we measure our impact through regular beneficiary reports, communication, and semester-end assessments.

We use this information to improve our programs and expand our outreach.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, project managers, engineers, designers, and students, dedicating our free time to create a brighter future for our students. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

Senita Slipac

Senita Slipac

Founder & President

Ajlana Osmanagić

Ajlana Osmanagić

Scholarship Program Director

Former Bosana student
Sunčica Đukanović

Sunčica Đukanović

Field Liaison

Former Bosana student
Milena Ivanović

Milena Ivanović

Donor Relations

Former Bosana student
Adnan Karzić

Adnan Karzić

Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Ines Ramadanović

Ines Ramadanović

Mentorship Community Manager

Robert Barrone

Robert Barrone


Former Bosana student
Esma Jašarević

Esma Jašarević

Web Design

The Board

We're fortunate to have a dedicated and accomplished board with diverse expertise, working together to transform lives of our students.

Sejla Holland

Sejla Holland

Fundraising and Development Outreach

Zlata Gleason

Zlata Gleason

Grant Management and Program Development

Tea Sisic

Tea Sisic

Legal Advisor

Former board members

We are grateful for the service of our former board members who have helped shape the Bosana Foundation into what it is today.

Clery Villacrez, Jenny Pan, Leah Wells, Ria Kulenovic, Adnan Filipovic, Scott Scherer, Inga Duranovic, Damir Koro.

Want to join our board?

We are always looking for new members who are willing to provide their experience and network to serve our Foundations' goals.

Apply here

Bosana Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee enhances the formal board's guidance for Bosana Foundation by adding unique knowledge and skills.

Bosana Foundation Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Tasks

Public Relations.

An influential advisory committee can boost awareness of Bosana Foundation programs.

Fundraising Events.

Organize every aspect of regional fundraising events, from themes to budgets.

Mentorship Program.

Supervise the program by pairing students with mentors, preparing them for job searches, and guiding volunteer and internship initiatives.


The advisory committee can create subcommittees teams for specific tasks. Subcommittees can be temporary or ongoing as needed.


The advisory committee will supervise volunteers, assigning roles, schedules, and recognizing their services.

Other Tasks.

Advisory committees, directed by the Bosana Board, address specific organizational needs with regional or global scopes.

Numbers & Financials

We safeguard confidential information, have zero tolerance for corruption, and maintain fairness and transparency in all interactions with our beneficiaries, collaborators, and partners. Our staff operates without special interests.

We maintain strict financial accountability, require receipts for all expenses, and we are happy to share our financial reports.

See our annual reports

Your Generosity, Their Hope

Join Us in Making a Real Difference

Donate now via PayPal or Global Giving to transform lives through education.

How Your Donations Help

Once selected into our scholarship program, we cover students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally.

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Transportation Card

$35 per month

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$120 per month

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$130 per year

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Books And School Material

$400 per year

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Professional Development Fund

$600 per year

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Full Scholarship

$3,500 per year