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Why Become a Civil Engineer?

I am Amina Mehinović. I am a first-year student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Sarajevo. The Faculty of Civil Engineering is a very broad spectrum of different jobs and occupations. I think that it should not be emphasized that today construction is one of the most developed branches around the world. In my opinion, construction is actually a combination of technique and art, which are very valuable, especially if you have both. Speaking confidently, there is no crisis in this business, because you can start designing and working already at the beginning.

The advantage of a civil engineer is field work. Engineers are always on the move because each project requires different locations, as well as challenges that make our work more exciting and thus more interesting.

Speaking of field work, I would like to single out one experience from my college. In April, I had field exercises in Geodesy. These are exercises that consist of several parts. In fact, the most interesting part for me was the leveling of certain points. With the help of the professor, I learned many things that will be useful in my future work. I used an instrument called a theodolite, and with its help, I determined the altitudes of points (notable points in the distance, hills, and mountains). It's really very interesting, and I think everyone would like that field work. Even though it's not field work, but only field exercises at the university, for a moment, I felt like an engineer. It was a very nice and useful experience for me as a beginner. Some say that if you are a dynamic, diverse, and creative person with a love for infrastructure and buildings, construction is the best possible choice for us, and I completely agree with that.


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