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What is Movember?

🧔🏻 Movember is a combination of the words "mustache" and "November". It is a month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of fighting prostate and testicular tumors, as well as other diseases primarily related to men.For several years, MEDICUS - the Student Council of the Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla, along with BoHeMSA, has been celebrating Movember with various activities, where all men are welcome. These activities include
👨🏻‍🏫 lectures,
⚽️ football tournaments, and
💡 knowledge quizzes.
As someone who is passionate about promoting primary prevention of diseases in the population, I participated in the Movember organization in 2022. I attended the football tournament, which was noticed and attended by many fellow students. The lectures on the topic of prostate and testicular tumors raised awareness among young men, who are at an ideal age to start regular examinations and early detection of diseases.
"When we save one life, it's as if we saved the whole world" - this is the quote that guides me. Therefore, I urge all men to take care of their health in 2023 as well, and let this story be a guide for you to go and perform preventive health examinations.
16 November - International Day for Tolerance
Ilma Å eper, Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla
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