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Students for Humanity - October 2019

BOSANA students raising awareness about issues in BiH society and helping families and individuals in need.

BOSANA students continued to monthly allocate 2BAM towards their “Students for Humanity” fund.  In October, our students decided to donate to three different causes that they found particularly dear to their heart since it involved individuals that they knew personally from their circle of friends. 

Two of our BOSANA suggested Aida B. and Miroslav C., both very driven and hard-working students who needed financial assistance to be able to continue their studies.  Aida is enrolled in her last year at the International University of Sarajevo, the Faculty of Electronics, while Miroslav is enrolled in the fourth year of his studies, at the University of East Sarajevo, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. 

BOSANA students have given each student 1000BAM which will help them to cover the faculty expenses, faculty supplies and dormitory in 2019/20 year.

Lastly, students have also supported one of former BOSANA students, Selma Selman who started a project which provides educational opportunities for Roma girls in Bihać to stay in school, pursue further education and hopefully lower the rate of child marriages amongst Roma population. 

The project is titled Get the Heck to School!” (Marš u školu!) and BOSANA students will donate 156BAM, while BOSANA will separately donate 1200BAM that will cover the cost of one girl's expenses for one year (which will include school supplies, lunch, clothes, etc). 

Selma has also started an online campaign to help her cover the ongoing monthly costs and all funds raised will go towards the education of Roma youth.  If you want to do the same you can donate on the link:

Stay tuned to read more about this amazing project, and how BOSANA students allocated their small but impactful fund. 

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