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Personal Story - My Experience through Non-Formal Education

From August 18 to 26, I participated in the ERASMUS+ project that took place in Turkey in Ankara, and the participants were students from Turkey, Albania, Germany, Serbia, Palestine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project's topic concerned the social status of the elderly in the mentioned countries, the legal regulations that regulate their standing and rights, and possible solutions for improving their position.

Our task was to investigate the situation of people in the third age of life in countries where we are from and present the solutions we received to other participants. We also got an insight into the current situation in other countries when this topic is in question. Part of the project referred to a visit to homes for the elderly and infirm in Ankara, with whom we spent some time and listened to their life stories, the current problems they face, their views on issues important for the implemented project, etc.

The final stage of the project was to present all of the information gathered during the research. That was about understanding the situation in other countries as a result of presentations and conversations with people from nursing homes. We wanted to draw attention to this population group by presenting our work in front of a group of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina nonparticipants in the project.

 The project was certainly an opportunity to visit many cultural and historical places in Ankara, meet and make lasting friendships with people from other countries, and thus will be a new experience that will surely leave a mark on our personal growth.


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