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Non-Violence as a Way of life

To commemorate the International Day of Non-Violence I will be sharing my personal experience that truly gave me the idea of preserving peace and unity. I'm still proudly an active member of a project called "Pokret 1325" led by the Forgotten Children of War Association in Sarajevo. The main focus of the project is overall integrating a more developed approach when it comes to human rights regulations. Together with a wonderful team I've delved through many topics as well as group exercises purposed for team building. 

When working with a larger group of people who come each with their own unique and formed set of outlook's and experiences, you tend to change unknowingly until later when it's close to an end that you start to notice. In this context the project's directive to peace gave me a sense of unity against violence. Working with like minded individuals towards a certain goal to spread awareness is an amazing start no matter how the odds in a certain climate might present as an obstacle. They've showed me the importance of trying and taking the first steps towards change, encouraging us as a group and individuals to contribute to our local communities and beyond. The first steps we took were spreading knowledge about the movement and what we as individuals have at our disposal when it comes to our rights. In conclusion emphasizing the importance of cohesively going against violence that surrounds us as well as engaging in more impactful and informative activities.

Writer: Belma Kobaš, a third-year student of Social Work at Faculty of Political Sciences,  University of Sarajevo.



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