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STOP Hate speech and Sexism towards women in the Internet space


Online campaign STOP Hate speech and Sexism towards women in the Internet space within the project Humanity in Action "Mitigating Online Radicalization and Hate Speech" 2021. 

We are often unaware of how much responsibility we have to have when commenting and posting content online.

The world has become "online", especially during a pandemic, and activities have largely moved to the “Internet world,” but there have been no rules in that world for a long time.

Through research for this video, I particularly came across content that talks about hate speech and sexism directed at women in comments on social media or objectifying women through the media.

This is a very serious problem that in extreme cases leads to VIOLENCE !!!

Therefore, they need to inform and educate us through information and the media to understand that what we publish on the Internet, other than staying forever there, can have very serious consequences for somebody.

Unfortunately, regulation is very weak, but the goal of this campaign is to show how each of us can and should be responsible for what we comment, post and share on the Internet.


Lejla Mušanović for Humanity in Action

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