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Daniela's path

By Daniela Prekovic


Sometimes things come into our lives unexpectedly and they teach us that every day is a new beginning. Somehow I learned that in life it is not important what you are, but that someone accepts you and loves you as you are, completely unconditionally.

As a little girl, I was living with my parents and sister, my path was slow but very direct. After elementary school, I left my hometown to educate myself for what I always wanted to be. Becoming a nurse has always been my dream. I went to Mostar to study what I was always interested in. A nurse who will be at the hand of those who need help, the eyes of the blind, the consciousness of the unconscious, someone people will remember for the help they've got, not just another name.

My little sister had a special contribution to my desire to become a nurse and who I am today. She had a chronic illness and most of the time she was in the hospital with my parents. After numerous surgeries, the last one didn’t go as we expected. Numerous complications were caused. That year brought many changes in my life. I had to leave the newly enrolled college to help my family. After a year of fighting, I lost my sister. Completely lost and hesitant I did not know what to do next, where to go. I wanted my life back and wanted to succeed somehow.

And then, one day I felt the happiness and friendship from special people. People who have given me a hand full of love, support, and understanding. I became part of Bosana. With Bosana, I went back to the old way, but I also started volunteering and helping others. I became a volunteer in the "Holy Family". It is a rehabilitation center for people with special needs where I meet people with a huge heart. Those who never give up. They laugh and enjoy little things. They say it doesn’t take much to be happy. They motivate me. Going out into nature itself brings so much joy and happiness into their lives. I started to look at life and things differently.

I understand that if you do good, good comes back to you. Helping others inspires me and helps me see things from two perspectives. I love hanging out and spending time with people, I love when I bring a smile to their face and that they are a part of my life journey.


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