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Being a part of the Bosana Family

My name is Lejla Mušanović and I am 25 years old. After high-school graduation, due to financial reasons, I struggled to enrol at faculty. That is when I discovered BOSANA Foundation.

Education changed me too, in a very positive way. BOSANA Foundation and support they gave me has inspired me to finish faculty, to volunteer, and to make positive changes in the society. The most important thing that I can stress out is the feeling of encouragement to step out of my comfort zone, travel, meet new people, visit new places and participate in seminars.

I can proudly say that I am one of a few 25-year-olds in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has a portfolio full of certificates and diplomas besides my faculty diploma. I am talking about over 100 conferences, seminars, and projects. Without BOSANAs support that would not be possible.

I've spent the bigger part of 2019 struggling with the decision whether I should stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina or leave. But when BOSANA surprised me with an internship opportunity, I knew that everything happens for a reason. This was a dream come true for me, for the second time. So, I started in August, and it is quite interesting. Currently, I help with the scholarship program implementation, and I have the opportunity to participate in the creation of future BOSANA projects. I am developing a new set of skills now, and I can be part of the amazing things BOSANA is doing for the students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Everything is easier when someone believes in you and encourages your growth. I feel appreciation from BOSANA for all the hard work, for being responsible and for accomplishments during my studies. This is a huge step forward, by preventing youth to follow the current migration trend we are allowing them to become leaders and change-makers here in their own country.

I am on my way of learning and discoveries, and I am looking forward to many exciting experiences with the role of Field Liaison in BOSANA Foundation.

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