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Because yours is only what you give...

By Serifa Busevac


In this cruel world, as it is, we have to choose to be good. Let’s start with the little things as politeness, and then strive to get to the true goodness. Being aware of the times in which we live, and the current situation with COVID -19 both in the country and in the world, now more than ever we have to be here for each other. Let's fill our life treasury with the little acts of goodness.

As one of the volunteers of the Regional Board of Merhamet Tuzla in cooperation with Merhamet Kladanj, I chose the path of humanity. There is a lot of burden on our backs. Everyone carries their own. That's why we decided to start the humanitarian action with warm words and smiles that would make it easier for people to walk through life. But that was not all. We also made their life easier with symbolic packages of food and necessities too.

It is important to do something good that is fulfilling, even though sometimes it requires some effort. Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, not who you are and how you look like. ️❤️

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