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Ahmedina's December project

In December I have implemented a project for the children with cancer living in the area of Canton Tuzla. Primarily, the idea was to buy cinema tickets for these kids. In the meanwhile, the idea got supported by close friends and by the Excellence academy which I attended in 2016. Soon after I also managed to secure funds and support from many B&H companies and brands such as Alma Ras, Genelec, Adam, Kabil, etc., and people living locally and abroad.

The collected amount that I had at the end was ten times bigger than the planned amount. It was such a surprise! I've decided to divide the project into a few different activities. I've spent the last weekend of December with the kids in the cinema. Then, I have visited the Department of Hematology and Oncology at The Pediatric Clinic Tuzla. While I was there, I have donated hygiene and medical supplies, pyjamas for children, etc. I have created the list of Department's needs per the pre-delivered list from Department.

At the end of the project, I have co-financed the winter rehabilitation project in Rehabilitation Camp S.R.C.A. in Olovo for the children suffering from cancer.

During the project, I have got a lot of very helpful advice from Senita and Ajlana. I hope that my project will be a positive example for my community, firstly for young people to activate and to give this society some kind of own contribution.


By Ahmedina Smajlovic

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