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24 January – International Day of Education

In honor of education's contribution to peace and development, United Nations General Assembly declared January 24 to be International Day of Education. This blog is dedicated to the significance of education in my life as a fifth-year pharmacy student. I recently started working as a demonstrator for the Pharmaceutical Chemistry department at my university. I hold practical exercises and lab sessions with third year students. Together we practice for their exams. To illustrate, I teach them the theoretical part of the lecture, and afterwards we do practical exercises related to this material in the laboratory. Volunteering as a demonstrator helped me gain real-life professional experience, which I believe will be beneficial for gaining employment after I graduate.  Being a pharmacist is a great responsibility. It is unfortunate that students do not get many chances to volunteer. In fact, volunteering in general, and especially within the chosen profession, is essential. This is especially true for students who don’t have a lot of opportunities to work while going to college. It shows that a student is willing to work and is eager to expand their knowledge and experience, as well as to advance their education. It is crucial to continuously advance and strive to be your best self, particularly when it comes to education. Future scientists like us must always study new things in order to keep up with the daily advancements in science.

- Riana Jaha, 5th year of BAFaculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo

Practical work, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo, Riana Jaha
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